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Final Armed Forces videos

Tornado F3

I’ve now completed the two remaining videos for the Armed Forces section of the Edinburgh Napier website. Further to interviews with Duncan, Fiona, Gary and Jamie I spoke to Claire Biggar, Executive Assistant to the Principal & Vice Chancellor, and Bob Wright, Director for Enterprise and Innovation in the School of Health and Social Care.

Overview video

Claire Biggar is the project lead of the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant work at the University. She initiated the project in 2016 following a Remembrance service organised by Duncan, a former Royal Marine Commando who now works as a Security Supervisor at the University.

The overview video covers the work that the University is doing in three main areas related to those in or from Service:

  • education – including the development of learning pathways enabling people to gain access to college and university courses
  • employment – ensuring support for those leaving Service and current Reservists
  • research – conducting studies that look at military communities in relation to the transition from military to civilian life

It also covers the recent achievement of the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award.

Bob Wright case study

Bob Wright served in the Royal Air Force for 37 years. He saw action in the Falklands War in 1982, Gulf War in 1991 and flew on the Tornado in Germany during the Cold War.

Bob’s stories are numerous, interesting and entertaining. As such I made it a priority to get him in front of a camera during this project.

He was a Vulcan Bomber crew member on Black Buck 1 at the start of the Falklands War. As such it seemed appropriate to film his interview at the National Museum of Flight where they have one. I shot cutaways around their Vulcan and spoken segments inside next to a Tornado F3.

Filming Bob Wright
Filming Bob Wright beside a Tornado F3 at the National Museum of Flight

We covered Bob’s work in the RAF and transition to “civvie street”. We also discussed the skills he’s been able to carry over from military service to his work at Edinburgh Napier.

Vulcan Bomber
The Vulcan Bomber located at the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian

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